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BILL C-30 - Mi'kmaq Education Act
Conferderacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq
Daniel N. Paul - Author, historian, journalist, consultant specializing in Mi'kmaq history/culture. Will do workshops in schools, government and non-governmental organizations.
First Nation Help Desk (Mi'kmaq) - mi'kmaq language and culture. includes songs, stories, vocabulary (gives audio pronounciation)
Mi'kmaq Ethnographies
Mi'kmaq Language Centre of Excellence - Excellent resource with materials and links; needs assessment; also has alphabet, numbers, months, colours, animals in Mi'kmaq (many with audio pronounciation)
Mi'kmaq Online - Mi'gmaq Online MicMac Talking Dictionary
Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey/Education
Mi'kmaw Organizations & Acronyms
Mi'kmaw Resource Guide
Mi\'kmaq Resource Centre - Repository of Documents/Books Related to History, Culture, Language
NSNWA - Nova Scotia Native Women\'s Association
Related Mi'kmaq sites
Rights of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide Written in Mi'kmaq - Declaration of Human Rights written in Mi'kmaq
APCFNC - The Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs (APCFNC) website offers an events calendar, overview of APC files, current news, resources, employment opportunities, and links to First Nations organizations regionally and nationally. The Kids Section is loaded with activities: download a colouring book, do word search puzzles and more...
Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre - The Centre is a spiritual and healing place, where visitors can explore and share in our rich Mi’kmaw heritage, culture, and spirit through our colourful exhibits and artifacts, songs, plays, and stories. Visitors are also invited to enjoy the tranquil beauty of our Medicine Trail, our various workshops and demonstrations, and the many other activities and experiences that the Centre has to offer...
Candy Palmater - Candy is now a “recovered lawyer”, a political activist, a facilitator and an intelligent and edgy comic.
First Net - A source for information related to Aboriginal employment, starting an Aboriginal business, education, scholarships and bursaries, and to learn about other First Nation communities within Nova Scotia...
Millbrook First Nation - Community and historical information, upcoming events, businesses, Mi\'kmaq language, the Glooscap Heritage Centre, and much more...
Mi\'kmaq College Institute - ...provides university level education in Mi\'kmaq history, language, science, and culture
Mi\'kmaq Culture and History Links - A collection of indexed links about the Mi\'kmaq people.
Mi\'kmaq Services Division - ...a Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Education
Mi\'kmaq Spirit - Information about Mi\'kmaw people, culture, history, spirituality...
Native Languages of the Americas: Mi\'kmaq (Mi\'kmawi\'simk, Micmac, Mikmaq, Restigouche, Listuguj) - people, language, history
Stone Bear Tracks and Trails - A retreat located on a tract of tranquil wilderness land set aside by the Bear River First Nation. Stone Bear Tracks and Trails offers an opportunity to expand life skills, learn to forge new connections with the environment and expand self-awareness.
Telas First Nations Cultural Awareness - Mi\'kmaq history, culture, spirituality, children\'s books, cultural awareness sessions and in-services, retreats, links, and more...
Todd Labrador - Waterdancer - Mi\'kmaq art, birch bark canoes, workshops and presentations...

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